Jiny Jeny is a software development company.

Products under development


Fabric trading platform is being under development.

Dungeon of Elishia

A mobile game that is in my favorite genre, dungeon exploration.
It is mixed by roguelike, dungeon, wizardry-like party system,
and character class system.

Platforms : Android, iOS, Steam
Genre : Roguelike/RPG/Management
Release Date : 2025Q2

Selected as 'Second Chace Startup Package' program support by KISED


Falling Cubes

A casual mobile game that was designed to make me calm down
when I am in bad mood. Cubes are falling down continuously,
You can just watch they are moving.

This was a test app to experiment Unity ECS feature.
That feature was not bad
but there was not enough documents and
missing many utility features.
It was very inconvenient to use. So I dropped to use it.
My next project, Dungeons, will use my own ECS library.

Platforms : Android
Genre : Meditation Action
Releaes Data : Oct, 2021
Google Store : Closed

Distant Memories

The mobile game that was developed years ago, and will be published again without any publishers.
Broken balancing in the game mechanic of the game can be restored.
The service was terminated because of some upgrading problems
required by google android platform.

Platforms : Android
Genre : RPG
Release Date : Jan, 2021 (Released)
Google Play : Closed
Official Forum: Closed
User Community: Closed

Anymedi Inc.

Developed a medical software to be used by doctors and patients to display CT images
and discuss about their plastic surgery. After finished its initial version of
the application, I joined the company temporarily to help the company
to be listed on the stock market.